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The Sun Stories V
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Sun Stories V
The Girl Who Stole The Sun-A Story of the Southwest
Special guests: Joe Putman and
Sarah Navarrete

Phaeton And The Chariot of the
Sun-A Greek Myth

Support from the Purdue Hellenic Society

The French Sun Stories
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The French Sun Stories
Moliere and the Sun King
A Comedy Told in Dance, Music and Song!

For the fourth year in a row Project in Motion, Indiana's project oriented dance group, brings a community performance to West Lafayette.

An original story based on the life of France's famed playwright Moliere and his patron Louis XIV, the Sun King, the French Sun King Stories bring Baroque dance, music and song from the 16th and 17th centuries to the stage.

Performed by area dancers, actors and musicians of all ages, with the assistance of groups such as the New York Baroque Dance Company, River City Fencers and the West Lafayette School French Club, Project in Motion brings French culture and the past and present to the local stage.

With the help of the community's French speakers, clowns and jugglers, ancient French comedy has never been so contemporary!

Sun Stories III
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Sun Stories III

Sun Stories III brings together four stories from around the world told in dance, music and poetry. The stories celebrate the sun and the return of the light when winter is at its darkest. They warm up the winter with an event that brings together the community through the arts.

The four stories:

Malaysian Story: The Sun's Boast. A Malaysian folk tale about the boastful sun told using a mixture of traditional Malaysian dance and modern dance. Put together with the help of Malaysian students Shahida Mansor and Mamduh Ahmadzabidi, the dance features various forms of traditional Malaysian dance, including a martial art form known as Sila, and puppet dancing. Authentic costumes have been purchased from Malaysia.

Latin Story: This is a modern story of exile and return. A Cuban exile returns to the island to search for his mother. In the course of his journey of discovery, he finds not only his mother, but the vibrant heart of the people of Cuba. Our dance includes both salsa and modern dance, and is put together with the help of Salsa dancers Jose Quintero and Mariya Omelicheva. The dance will feature live music.

Israeli story: Our own version of a traditional tale of the people of the village of Chelm. The villagers gather to discuss how they might capture the sun so they can use it to light their streets at night. Some villagers tell stories about ways to capture light, thus creating several stories within the story. In the end, although they are not successful, the villagers vow to continue trying. The story will use a blend of traditional and modern Israeli folk dance, as well as modern dance and aerial dance.

Science Story: This is a story of the life-cycle of a star, using a collage of fact and narrative put together in a unique mixture. Dancers range in age from 5 to 75. Community members are joined by professional dancers from our area and guest performers from New York. Over three dozen students from Happy Hollow Elementary School will participate in this dance. Performers will use circus fabric as part of this dance.

Guest artist: Martha Tornay and her daughter Sarah will be dancing in the science of the sun story, a multigenerational story of the sun's life as a star, and a celebration of the ages of the community.

Sun Stories II
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Sun Stories II

Sun stories II bring together four stories from around the world told in dance, music and poetry. The stories celebrate the sun and the return of the light when winter is at its darkest. They warm up the winter with an event that brings together the community through the arts.

The four stories, new and old:

A traditional Hawaiian tale about the god Maui who slows the passage of the sun across the sky in order to help his mother, Hina. The story includes a women䴜s hula dance and a rousing warrior's dance. A collaboration with the accomplished native Hawaiian dancer, Uileiuluwehi Pimental. Traditional Hawaiian costumes by Erin Novotny. Traditional instruments by Aaron Spalding.

A traditional Lakota story about a journey North, in which two braves see the Northern Lights. Collaboration with Lakota musician and dancer T.J. Murfitt and musician Jamie Newman Circus arts by Project IN Motion dancers.

A traditional Indian tale about the sun god and his wife featuring classical Indian choreography by Vidya Iyer and Lakshmi Josyula. Costumes from India.

A new, urban story, combining themes from different groups of urban dwellers, woven together with poems from contemporary American poets. In collaboration with Christina Mathews, Karla Smith, Danny Weiss, Aaron Spalding and Jamie Newman. Special appearance by Justin Hicks.

Sun Stories II
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Sun Stories II
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Dancity has taken place every year since 2004 in Lafayette and Indianapolis.

Dancity is an exciting new way to do the Gallery Walk, by following dance steps.

Demonstrated by local dance groups, you can actually follow steps, words and diagrams painted on the sidewalks encouraging you to wriggle, hop, waltz, rock or tango!

A Mid-Samara Night's Dream
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A Mid-Samara Night's Dream
An Abridged Version of Shakespeare's
A Midsummer Night's Dream

This June 2007 event allowed guests to experience Frank Lloyd Wright's Samara with a guided tour of the home prior to the performance as well as be entertained outdoors by professional actors in the garden theatre.

The John E. Christian House
West Lafayette, Indiana