PiM positions available:

Assistant Artistic Director

Job Description

Project In Motion is a small but dynamic aerial dance company in southern New Mexico, 3 hours south of Albuquerque, an hour from El Paso, TX and just 50 miles from the border. This part time position calls for a dynamic self starter, flexible and enthusiastic, with creative ideas and a willingness to co-operate to see these ideas through. As PIM grows, education and successful creative arts integration with the community will be the Assistant Director’s focus but aspects of Technical, Artistic, Fundraising and other Director’s jobs will also be expected. This position will start mid August and progress will be reviewed in December at the completion of our first NEA grant funding. See below for the review criteria.

The main job of the Assistant Artistic Director is to assist and work along side the Artistic Director. These tasks are many and varied but can include anything from choreographic tasks to advertising and even organizing cleaning services, waiver printing, costume design, money deposit, punch card creation. In the absence of the Artistic Director the Assistant Director may assist with board matters when asked, in all matters but salary determination.

The Assistant Artistic Director will also:

  • Set class times and schedule
  • Prepare advertising for classes, including radio, newspaper and show posters
  • Create constant contact emails for classes and shows
  • Update Facebook with class and show information
  • Organize photographers and videographers for above tasks.
  • Create Company Rehearsal schedule

In addition to the above duties PIM expects the employee to adhere to all policies and procedures, be aware and work in a safe manner; perform workload as needed; maintain a positive respectful attitude; be punctual; productive and work toward the benefit of the company as a whole.

This position is officially part time but can be expanded by teaching classes and expanding the student body. The teaching aspect of the company is a private contractor position which is compensated by student.

Class expansion is unlimited.

For the completion of the above tasks the Assistant Artistic Director will be compensated monthly by salary.

Separate from this is the Assistant Director’s duties as dancer and performer in the company to be separately compensated as contracted.

The company facilities director will also be working with the Artistic Director and Assistant Artistic Director to improve the facility.



  • Advanced degree in dance
  • Or circus school degree and dance experience
  • Or practical experience and artistic resume
  • At minimum a teaching certificate from any circus or aerial dance certificate program
  • Or practical experience and video resume


  • Business experience or experience selling or marketing performance


  • Experience developing curriculum
  • Practical teaching experience


  • Excellent Communication Skills. Spanish or Native Language a plus.
  • Must be able to problem solve, think on their feet and track multiple projects effectively
  • Must work effectively with the board and the Artistic Director toward the common goal of continued expansion of the company with the understanding that this and the expanding of the potential dance salaries go hand in hand.


  • Excellent computer skills are required.
    Graphic skills and knowledge a plus.
  • This is a “Project” based salaried position.


Candidate must pass a background check.

Please submit resumés/CVs by August 31, 2016 to
Project In Motion P.O.Box 112, Mesilla,N.M. 88046


To download a copy of this job description, click here